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Lee Miller - Fundaci

Some stuff on paper, Feb 2019

ELMNT Studio

Identity development for ELMNT Studio, a boutique yoga and spinning studio located in Montreal's Monkland Village, that focuses on the mind-body connection, rigorous practice and training, they offer an inner-growth and educational approach to overall fitness.

Selected Works

Selected works, editorial and other commisions.


Mexican-japanese eyewear branding and identity system.

A homage to Iceland.

A series of my six years living in Iceland

Haugesund Teater

The Members Of "Behind The Siege". Six Invitational.

The portrait illustrations of the members of "Behind The Siege"


Branding of innovative consultancy firm Umbrella.

Cao Chong weighs an Elephant

This project was made for the "Cengage Look Anthologies".Cao Chong is best known for his ingenious method of weighing an elephant using the principle of buoyancy. He was considered by his father as a possible successor but died prematurely at the age of 12.
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