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Mieu Eyewear

Mieu's original intention is to provide glasses of highly textured and sincere for customers, and hope to deliver a unique brand experience.In the process of design, as a result, I always adhere to such a criterion:how the interface matches the temperament of the products and conveys the personality of the brand and even the founder.For brands such as Mieu, glasses are not consumer products but medium for expressing art.At the same time, based on guaranteeing the necessary functions of the e-mall such as the use and operation of easy subterranean bills and pay of mieu , I think more about how to keep the interface concise, and being the same outside and inside.

Night Ride

A serie of 5 illustration I've made in 2016 for a personal project.

P.Y.E Identity

Some people say that it is a nightmare to work with friends, we say that working with friends is a gift of the Universe. For almost 10 years we have been collaborating with buddies from PYE Optics, and below is a small part of our long-standing cooperation.

The " Wise Reinvented " Series


Faces. Digital illustratons

Digital illustration did with Ipad Pro and Procreate

BoConcept, Brand Identity & Catalogue

No Signal

No Signal is an experimental title sequence


We are multi sensorial beings; the reactions and responses that we fabricate in our minds and stamp in our hearts are product of external stimuli.We don't fall in love just through our eyes. There's a need for understanding, there's a need for listening.Musicalist is the pioneer of offering tailor made sonic curations for upscale brands.They offer brands the opportunity to create their own audiovisual channels in order for them to be able to express their own personality, beliefs and uniqueness in an holistic way.A way that goes beyond visual identity and aims to reach the brand's customers through a coherent message while giving a sense of high attention to detail and empathy. For this project, Monumento came up with the concept of Curatorial Masterpiece, a term that embraces and highlights the importance of having a sharp sensibility for curation and the complex, but beautiful science behind musical knowledge.This identity comes down to science & emotion, just like music.I

character & illustration 03

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