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Illustration 2017 - a lot of line! From apple to world

a series of project did in 2017 various illustration and proj. one line lovers. from apple to lulu and other many many client :)


Personal Illustrations Mix

A selection of personal illustrations made in 2017.

Radical MOOV

MNML partnered with Mark Cuban-backed startup Radical Transport to re-imagine the future of two-wheeled transport from the ground up. In the wake of flaming hoverboards and widespread consumer distrust, MNML and Radical worked together to create the Radical MOOV, a new breed of two-wheeled personal transport that features customized ride dynamics, is engineered with premium mechanics, and is hand assembled in Dallas, Texas. This is Radical MOOV.

Words that matter

2017 was a though year to understand, so at Medium they ask to the boldest thinkers, newsmakers, and creators to reflect on one word that mattered most in 2017.We take part in this process by illustrating four words: Sovereignty, Neutrality, Phishing and Consequences.

A Winter Sunday In Munich

Munich is Wonderful city specially in wInter time

robots are your friends


Visual Identity for the independent game development studio Crytivo, which is based in San Diego

Closing Folders - Studio Pigeon animation

Kobe Desramaults

In dit boek ? het resultaat van een drie jaar durende, intense samenwerking met Kobe Desramaults ? verzamelt de topchef 43 food stories, waarin hij de geheimen onthult van de pure, authentieke keuken van zijn sterrenrestaurant In de wulf en zijn huidige Gentse Chambre S
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